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Père Michel Marie Zanotti-Sorkine. 12 K J'aime. Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine est un prêtre catholique, prédicateur, écrivain, compositeur et chanteur.2,796 Followers, 144 Following, 178 Posts - See Instagram footage and movies from Père Michel Marie (@michel_marie_zanotti_sorkine)Le Père Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine suggest treize commandements à mettre en œuvre de toute urgence pour que los angeles réponse à l'interrogation du Christ : « Mais le Fils de l'homme, quand il viendra, trouvera-t-il los angeles foi sur la terre ? » penche du bon côté. À chacun de mesurer ses idées et sa vie au soleil de ces treize appels qui veulent porter bonheur à l'Église !Pour une révolution spirituelle - Père Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine - À moins d'être naïf ou aveugle, il convient de reconnaître que los angeles cote d'amour de l'Église en France comme en de nombreux will pay d'Europe est au plus bas. Discréditée par une façon d'être et de penser jugée moralisante et décalée, par les scandales qui l. a. secouent, le tout attisé par les médias, elle n'a pas dPadre Michel Marie Zanotti Sorkine. from Alfonso Asensio. 6 years in the past. Un fuerte celo apostólico como el del Santo Cura de Ars, en una de las ciudades menos católicas de toda Francia. Marsella. El video cuenta con fragmentos de una entrevista que le supieron hacer. La concept del mismo es hacer conocer un sacerdote, con toda su humanidad

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Père Michel Marie Zanotti-Sorkine. 12 K J'aime. Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine est un prêtre catholique, prédicateur, écrivain, compositeur et chanteur.discovered: Zanotti-Sorkine, Michel-Marie. Marie mon secret, 2012: name page (Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine) mud jacket (ordained a priest in 1999)Enjoy the movies and tune you're keen on, upload authentic content, and percentage it all with pals, family, and the world on YouTube.de Père Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine | sixteen septembre 2020. 5,0 sur 5 étoiles 2. Broché 12,90 € 12,90Le Père Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine propose treize commandements à mettre en œuvre de toute urgence pour que l. a. réponse à l'interrogation du Christ : « Mais le Fils de l'homme, quand il viendra, trouvera-t-il los angeles foi sur la terre ? » penche du bon côté. À chacun de mesurer ses idées et sa vie au soleil de ces treize appels qui veulent porter bonheur à l'Église !

Fr. Michel-Marie, a Cassock in Deep Marseille

The existence, works, and miracles of a priest in a town of France. Who has made the faith blossom once more where it had withered

through Sandro Magister

ROME, December 4, 2012 – The name of this newsletter is the same one that "Avvenire” gave to a feature report from Marseille by its correspondent Marina Corradi, in the footsteps of the pastor of a quarter behind the old port.

A pastor whose Masses are crowded with people. Who hears confessions every evening until late at night. Who has baptized many converts. Who always wears the cassock so that everyone may recognize him as a priest even from far away.

Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine was born in 1959 in Nice, to a family a bit Russian and a bit Corsican. As a young man he sang in the nightclubs in Paris, but then over the years there emerged the vocation to the priesthood he had had since his childhood. His guides were Fr. Joseph-Marie Perrin, who was Simone Weil's spiritual director, and Fr. Marie-Dominique Philippe, founder of the congregation of Saint John. He studied in Rome at the Angelicum, the theological faculty of the Dominicans. He was ordained a priest in 2004 by Cardinal Bernard Panafieu, the archbishop of Marseille at the time. He writes books, the latest of which is entitled "Au diable la tiédeur," to the devil with lukewarmness, and is dedicated to priests. He is pastor at Saint-Vincent-de-Paul.

And in this parish on Rue Canabière, which leads from the old port through ramshackle houses and shops, with many homeless, immigrants, Rom, where tourists do not venture to go, in a Marseille and in a France where religious practice is almost everywhere at the lowest levels, Fr. Michel-Marie has made the Catholic faith blossom again.

How? Marina Corradi went and saw. And she tells what she found.

The feature was published in "Avvenire,” the newspaper of the Italian episcopal conference, on November 29. It is the primary in a series that can present witnesses of the religion, identified and less well-known, capable of generating evangelical astonishment in those who meet them.



via Marina Corradi

That black tunic fluttering alongside Rue Canabière, amongst a crowd more Maghrebi than French, makes you flip round. Check it out, a clergyman, and dressed like as soon as upon a time, on the streets of Marseille. A depressing-haired man, smiling, and yet with one thing reserved and monastic about him. And what a tale behind him: he sang within the nightclubs in Paris, was ordained most effective eight years in the past and because then has been pastor right here, at Saint-Vincent-de-Paul.

But in reality the tale is even more difficult: Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine, 53, is descended from a Russian Jewish grandfather who immigrated into France and had his daughters baptized sooner than the warfare. One of those daughters, who escaped from the Holocaust, brought into the sector Fr. Michel-Marie, who on his father's aspect is part Corsican and part Italian. (What a strange mix, you think: and you look with amazement at his face, seeking to understand what a person is like who has one of these tangle of roots in the back of him). But if one Sunday you input his packed church and pay attention to how he speaks of Christ with simple everyday words, and should you observe the non secular slowness of the elevation of the host, in an absolute silence, you ask yourself who this priest is, and what it is in him that pulls other folks, bringing back those that are some distance away.

Finally you've got him in front of you, in his white, monastic rectory. He seems younger than his years; he does not have the ones wrinkles of bitterness which mark the face of a man with time. There is a peace upon him, a joy that is astonishing. But who are you?, you wish to ask him straight away.

In entrance of a frugal meal, the highlights of an entire lifestyles. Two best folks. The mother, baptized however simplest formally Catholic, allows her son to go to church. The faith is imparted to him "by an elderly priest, a Salesian in a black cassock, a man of generous and boundless faith.” The desire, at the age of eight, to be a priest. At thirteen he loses his mother: "The ache devastated me. And but I by no means doubted God.” Adolescence, track, and that beautiful voice. The piano bars of Paris, which might seem little suited to discerning a spiritual vocation. And yet, while the verdict slowly ripens, the religious fathers of Michel-Marie tell him to stay to the nightlife of Paris: because there as well an indication is needed. Finally the vocation will pay off. In 1999, on the age of 40, his early life want comes true: a priest, and in a cassock, like that elderly Salesian.

Why the cassock? "For me" – he smiles – "It is a work uniform. It is intended to be a sign for those who meet me, and above all for those who do not believe. In this way I am recognizable as a priest, always. In this way on the streets I take advantage of every opportunity to make friends. Father, someone asks me, where is the post office? Come on, I'll go with you, I reply, and meanwhile we talk, and I discover that the children of that man are not baptized. Bring them to me, I say in the end; and I often baptize them later. I seek in every way to show with my face a good humanity. Just the other day" – he laughs – "in a cafe an old man asked me which horses he should bet on. I gave him the horses. I asked the Blessed Mother for forgiveness: but you know, I said to her, it is to befriend this man. As a priest who was one of my teachers used to tell those who asked him how to convert the Marxists: 'One has to become their friend,' he would reply."

Then, in church, the Mass is stark and wonderful. The affable priest of Canabière is a rigorous priest. Why take so much care with the liturgy? "I want everything to be splendid around the Eucharist. I want that at the elevation, the people should understand that He is here, truly. It is not theater, it is not superfluous pomp: it is inhabiting the Mystery. The heart too needs to feel."

He insists a super deal on the duty of the priest, and in considered one of his books – he has written many books, and nonetheless writes songs once in a while – he affirms that a priest who has an empty church should read about himself and say: "It is we who lack fire." He explains: "The priest is 'alter Christus,' he is called to reflect Christ in himself. This does not mean asking perfection of ourselves; but being conscious of our sins, of our misery, in order to be able to understand and pardon anyone who comes to the confessional."

Fr. Michel-Marie goes to the confessional every night time, with absolute punctuality, at five o'clock, without fail. (The other folks, he says, will have to know that the priest is there, in spite of everything). Then he remains within the vestry until eleven o'clock, for someone who would possibly need to go to him: "I want to give the sign of an unlimited availability." Judging by way of the constant pilgrimage of the devoted, in the evening, one would say that it really works. Like a deep call for that emerges from this town, it appears some distance got rid of. What do they would like? "The first thing is to hear someone say: you are loved. The second: God has a plan for you. One must not make them feel judged, but welcomed. They must be made to understand that the only one who can change their lives is Christ. And Mary. There are two things that, in my view, permit a return to the faith: the Marian embrace, and impassioned apologetics, which touches the heart."

"Those who seek me out," he continues, "are asking first of all for human assistance, and I try to give all the help possible. Not forgetting that the beggar needs to eat, but also has a soul. To the offended woman I say: send me your husband, I will talk to him. But then, how many come to say that they are sad, that their lives are no good . . . Then I ask them: how long has it been since you went to confession? Because I know that sin is a burden, and the sadness of sin is a torment. I am convinced that what makes many people suffer is the lack of the sacraments. The sacrament is the divine within the reach of man: and without this nourishment we cannot live. I see grace at work, and that people change."

Days given in their entirety, at the streets or in the confessional, till middle of the night. Where does he get the energy? He – virtually shyly, as one speaks of a love – talks of a deep courting with Mary, of an no doubt together with her: "Mary is the act of total faith, in the abandonment beneath the Cross. Mary is absolute compassion. She is pure beauty offered to man." And he loves the rosary, the humility of the rosary, the priest of Canabière: "When I hear confessions, I often say the rosary, which does not prevent me from listening; when I give communion, I pray." You concentrate to him, intimidated. But then, must all clergymen have an absolute willpower, nearly like saints? "I am not a saint, and I do not believe that all priests must be saints. But they can be good men. The people will be attracted by their good face."

Are there any issues, in streets with the sort of strong presence of Muslim immigrants? No, he says merely: "They respect me and this garment." In church, he welcomes everyone with pleasure: "Even the prostitutes. I give them communion. What should I say? Become honest, before you enter here? Christ came for sinners, and I have the anxiety, in withholding a sacrament, that he could bring me to account for it one day. But do we still know the power of the sacraments? I have the misgiving that we have excessively bureaucratized the admission to baptism. I think of the baptism of my Jewish mother, which in terms of the request of my grandfather was merely a formal act: and yet, even from this baptism there came a priest."

And the brand new evangelization? "Look," he says as we are saying good-bye in his rectory, "the older I get, the more I understand what Benedict XVI says: everything truly starts afresh from Christ. We can only return to the source."

Later, I glimpse him at a distance, in the street, with that black garment ruffled by his speedy stride. "I wear it," he told you, "so that I may be recognized by someone I might never meet otherwise. That stranger, who is very dear to me."


The magazine that published the feature:

> Avvenire


English translation via Matthew Sherry, Ballwin, Missouri, U.S.A.


For more news and observation, see the blog that Sandro Magister maintains, available best in Italian:




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